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How It Works

How MyAgData Works


Without MyAgData, a farmer’s data is exported from their FMIS and converted (many times by a crop insurance agent or ag service provider) into a format that “talks” with the various systems used by crop insurers and the USDA Farm Service Administration (FSA). This time-consuming process must be repeated for each crop insurer whose products the agent or ag service provider sells and the farmer buys.

One option would be for each crop insurer to develop a system(s) that works with each respective farm management software system, which would look something like this:


MyAgData speaks everyone’s language. This cloud-based system takes data from the farm management system, tractor or combine and creates accurate planting and harvesting reports that meet the crop reporting requirements of most crop insurance companies and soon also the USDA. MyAgData shares only the required data and is designed for future scalability to share other information as systems and requirements change.

Here’s what the simplicity, connectivity and accuracy of MyAgData looks like:

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